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ERYING DIY Gaming PC Motherboard Embed 11th Kit Core I9 11900H I9 11980HK CPU 0000 ES onboard(2.6GHz Refer i9 / 2.2GHz Refer i7)

Цена: 29753.51 RUR

NEW Upgraded Keyestudio Super Starter kit with V4.0 Board for Arduino Starter kit for UNOR3 32Projects + Tutorial W/Gift Box

Цена: 3888.42 RUR

7" IPS Can stand HDMI Screen Monitor for Raspberry Pi 3 4 Model B Raspberry Pi 1 model B 1024*600 AIDA64 module Leather CASE

Цена: 5454.02 RUR

4WD Smart Robot Car Starter Kit For Arduino Programming Project STEM Education Complete Upgrade Version Board Full Set +e-Manual

Цена: 6448.96 RUR

Farad capacitor 2.7v 500f 6 peças/1 conjunto, super capacitância com placa de proteção, capacitores automotivos

Цена: 8073.59 RUR

ERYING Kit i9 ES Gaming PC Motherboard with Embed CPU 11th Core 2.6Ghz(Refer to I9 11900H) +RAM 16GB 3200Mhz +512GB SSD NVMe M.2

Цена: 45338.69 RUR

Upgrade Smart Robot Car Kit with ESP32 Wifi Camera for Arduino Programming Learning Project Starter Set +e-Assembly Instructions

Цена: 5469.77 RUR

ERYING Gaming PC Motherboard with Onboard CPU 11th Core ES 0000 2.6Ghz 2.2Ghz 1.8Ghz kit i9 11980HK i9 11900H i7 11800H 11400H

Цена: 29909.37 RUR

Updated Version Keyestudio Super Starter Kit For Mega 2560 R3 Board(USB serial Chip is CP2102)For Arduino Starter Kit +Tutorial

Цена: 4329.22 RUR

7" IPS TFT LCD Display Touch Screen Monitor for Raspberry Pi 3 4 Model B Raspberry Pi 1 model B 1024*600 RGB Pixels AIDA64

Цена: 5362.72 RUR

13S 48V li ion Smart Bluetooth BMS with 20 to 60A constant current 54.6V Software PCB board for e-bike battery or Power Battery

Цена: 3132.78 RUR

100% New FH82HM470 SRJAU BGA Chipset

Цена: 3518.47 RUR

ERYING Gaming PC Motherboard with Embed 11th Core CPU 0000 KIT I9 ES 2.6GHz and 2.2Ghz (2.6GHz Refer i9 11980HK、2.2GHz Refer i7)

Цена: 21882.21 RUR

JCCON 925Pcs 36Values Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment Kit Low ESR 1uF 4.7uF 10uF 22uF 47uF 100uF 220uF 330uF 470uF

Цена: 4525.21 RUR

2500pcs/lot 1/4W 0.25w 5% Carbon Film Resistor Kit 50 Values Assortment Pack Mix Selection (1R-10M)

Цена: 5616.96 RUR

100% New GL82HM175 SR30W BGA Chipset

Цена: 3477.54 RUR

Keyestudio Smart Home IOT Kit With PLUS Board+15 Projects Tutorial For Arduino STEAM House Kit DIY Electronic Kit CE Compliant

Цена: 4629.9 RUR

MLX90640 Camera Module Thermal Image Temperature Sensor 32x24 IR Infrared Array Thermometric Dot Matrix 32*24 MLX906040 Module

Цена: 3313.82 RUR

ERYING Gaming PC Motherboard with Onboard CPU SRKT3 I7-11800H i7 11800H(NO ES)2.3GHz 8Cores 16Threads HM570 Chipset Mainboard

Цена: 18497.56 RUR

Keyestudio STEM 4DOF Robot Arm Kit Mechanical Arm Claw Kit PS2 Control For Arduino Robot Arm Kit DIY Programming Robot

Цена: 4399.27 RUR

Aoweziic 2022+ 10pcs 100% New Imported Original 60N60 FGH60N60 FGH60N60SFD FGH60N60SMD FGH60N60UFD TO-247 IGBT Tube 60A 600V

Цена: 2833.67 RUR

Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car for Arduino Robot Car Kit Smart DIY Project for Adults STEM Programming Set with 12 Projects

Цена: 9902.1 RUR

Supercapacitor retificador automotivo 2.7v500f 16v83f, módulo de capacitor super farad para janela automotiva

Цена: 8309.73 RUR

PD 80W Desktop mini Power Supply DC - DC Voltage current Step-down mini Power Supply buck Voltage converter voltmeter 60V 6A

Цена: 4722.78 RUR

Keyestudio Upgrade Mini Smart Tank Robot V3.0 For Arduino Kit Robot Car DIY Programmable STEM Toys Compatible With Arduino&Mixly

Цена: 8343.58 RUR

ERYING DIY Gaming PC Motherboard with Embed 11th Core CPU 0000 ES 2.2GHz OnBoard (Product Performance, Refer To i7-11800H)

Цена: 35145.35 RUR

Русский учебни Keyestudio Smart IOT Home Kit with PLUS Board for Arduino Starter Kit DIY Projetcs STEM Programming /CE Compliant

Цена: 4629.9 RUR

SAMWHA Green-Cap Capacitor farad 2.7v500f 6 peças/1 conjunto super capacitor 16v83f, capacitor automotivo com placa de proteção

Цена: 8227.08 RUR

Electronic modules 7inch iron frame tft 7 pulgadas rasperry pi display 1024*600 capacitance touch panel monitor superior quality

Цена: 5367.44 RUR

Hot Sell 16V100F Super Capacitor Automotive Rectifier Electronic Module 2.7V600F Supercapacitor Large Capacity Power Supply

Цена: 14794.11 RUR